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The Actifcare (ACcess to Timely Formal Care) study

Access to timely formal dementia care in Europe

This European study aimed at best practice development in finding timely access to formal care for community-dwelling people with dementia and their informal carers. A longitudinal cohort study conducted in eight European countries assessed people with dementia and informal carers and monitored the process of finding access to formal care. Data on service use, quality of life and needs was collected. The Actifcare study also studied enabling and predisposing factors regarding access to care services, as well as its costs and consequences. The results of Actifcare were used to reveal best-practices in organizing formal care.

To achieve consensus on measures that can be taken to make it easier for people with dementia and their informal carers to access formal care services, a Delphi process was conducted. Professional experts, people with dementia and informal carers from the eight European countries took part in the Actifcare Delphi process.


The Actifcare Best Practice recommendations

Please find the full version (with supporting findings), short version (without supporting findings) and national versions of the Actifcare best practice recommendations below.

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